This is who we are…

Onleef  (owned by Blue leef Retail) is an online retail store, seeded in the year 2020. 

With a strong belief on the saying, ’We are what we eat’, we want every individual to consume the cleanest available organic and natural food which is free from artificial chemicals, pesticides, preservatives and genetically modified organisms (GMOs). Our motive behind 'Onleef' is to make the best, certified and healthy organic food produce, ordered at your fingertips, delivered at your doorstep with less or no hassle, thereby help you boost your immunity and minimize your risk for exposure to environmental toxins and serious health issues.

Each time you choose Onleef, you choose to leave chemicals off your plate.

What do we sell?

All your basic Organic grocery needs ranging from Rice, Dals, Spices, Sweeteners and Flavorings can be fulfilled at Onleef with ease. We will constantly extend our product range to provide healthier options to our consumers and we work only with trusted organic product manufacturers to determine the best, safest and most effective organic items. The products at Onleef are 100% certified organic food produce (conform to Indian and international standards of certification), procured from manufacturers who directly source from the farmers and are processed under stringent quality measures.

Service Location

Currently our service of selling organic food produce extends to Mumbai, Navi-Mumbai and Thane only. With your constant support will soon extend our service to other locations as well.

We work with some dedicated delivery partners who diligently work to make sure the ordered packages reach you on time, in an expert and safe packaging.